The Inimitable Matthew Rhys

Our fondness for Johnny Cash comes pretty close to our love for all things blue. The super handsome, incredibly talented Matthew Rhys gives us his best JC flip. He took a moment to chat blueness, between takes with his beautiful costar Keri Russell working on their final season of THE AMERICANS, being a father to Sam, and loving partner to Keri. #lovethisWelshman

Q: What is your favorite song and/or film with "blue" in the title?

A: Moody Blue - sung by Elvis because it's sung by Elvis, and the film Blue Velvet because Willem Defoe is so good in it.

Q: Which phrase do you relate to most and why?

a. into the wild blue yonder
b. blue plate special
c. crystal blue persuasion
d. only cowboys get the blues

A: Only Cowboys get the blues - purely because I wanted to (and still do) be a Cowboy. Therefore, I intrinsically relate (or think I do) to all things cowboy.

Q: Can you share your go-to for getting out of a blue mood?

A: See answer to question #1. Never fails.

Q: What's your most treasured blue possession?

A: My eyes.

Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.