Madelaine Petsch - NY Story

We caught up with the stunning talented Madelaine Petsch chatting all things RIVERDALE & Cheryl Blossom in NYC. When asked what kind of photos she might be interested in posing for, she replied, "New York street shots!".  Done. #GINGERSRULE


Q. When you're in NY what do you like to do most?

MP. EXPLORE! The city is so amazing and I never get a chance to enjoy what the city has to offer!


Q. What do you miss most about it when you haven't been for a while?

MP. The vibe, it's such a fast pace yet 'easy' vibe. No one cares what you're doing. Most everyone out there is crazy, they're not bothered or shocked by much. It's such a nice city to spend time in.


Q. When you're not filming Riverdale, what are your favorite side gigs?

MP. Movies! I want to be working on a film or on fashion projects.


Q. We are curious here at 4everblu about what your most treasured blue possession might be?


MP. I have a mother/daughter ring with my mother's aquamarine stone in it - it allows me to always feel close to her. :)



Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.