The Art of Jorge B. Perez

Dark and sometimes humorous, Jorge B. Perez creates some unique and alluring art. We fell in love with his work after seeing an Instagram post by one of his fans and great inspirations, Erykah Badu. After visiting his work space in Brooklyn, the connection felt even greater. Read on and find out more about this talented artist, view some of his awesome creations, and his blue favorites! #oneofakind

The Interview

1. What is the latest shade of blue you're working with most?


2. Do you have a favorite blue possession?

I have a blue Caridad del Cobre statue that belonged to my father. It has a lot of sentimental value. 

3. Most loved book, song or film with "Blue" in the title?

Pink Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky

4. Who or what inspired your paintings most?

My art has always been inspired by life experiences. The people and things around me always make their way into my art. I'm inspired by the mysterious parts of life. The parts that have unanswered questions which you have to experience for yourself to get the answers to. I've always been drawn to symbolism, mysticism and the idea of evolution and that is reflected in my work.  

As far as people who have inspired me I would say my earliest artistic influence was Joel Peter Witkin. He really opened my eyes and made me look at things upside down in a way I had never seen things before. Also, artists like Remedios Varo, Claude Cahun, Alfred Kubin and Rozz Williams were and are very influential in their style and the way they were just themselves in their art. They are storytellers. 


5. How do you think your upbringing and history has come into play in the development of your style

My art is the memory of my life. It's like what a crystal is to the earth or a hard rive is to a computer. It holds all my history, energy, loves, fears and secrets. My art would not exist without my history. I think your upbringing and where you came from has a lot to do with what you create and your style. If I hadn't grown up in a big city, been poor, had a Cuban father, a Spanish mother and the life experiences I have had, my work would most likely not look or feel the way it does. 

6. Do you find working on your art therapeutic, can it get you in or out of a blue mood? 

Absolutely! My art is my therapy. It's always been an outlet for everything I am feeling mentally or physically. I am most happy when I am in a continuous flow of work. It really makes me feel good at the end of the day to know I worked on creating something that day. 

7. I became familiar with your art when Erykah Badu posted your work on instagram. Can you share how you began your relationship with Erykah, and how she influences your creations? 

Sometimes you learn so much about an artist that they end up inspiring your life as well as your art. That would be the case with Erykah. I've always admired her for her music but she has slowly become an inspiration to me as a human. She is more than a singer. She is a healer and a huge light in the world.

It all started when I sent her a portrait I did of her as well as a book of my work. I was shocked one day when I received a message from her on Instagram thanking me for the piece. Since then she has become what feels like a mentor and friend. She now owns more of my work and is always encouraging and supportive of what I do. I feel blessed to be able to share my work directly with someone who has affected my life in such a positive way, and who I respect artistically and as a human. 

8. We can't wait for an exhibition...anything in the works? 

No exhibitions right now. I'm in the process of building the content for a possible exhibition after the fall. Also I'm currently working on a new performance piece. My husband and I create video and performance art under the name "Corpse Flowers." We are working on that but there is no timeline. Just allowing it to come together naturally and letting it happen when it happens. 

The Art

Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.