Emily Kinney~Mermaid Blue

We grabbed multitalented beauty Emily Kinney in NYC while promoting her single and new video, Mermaid Song.  So happy we got to snap some pics of the busy babe before she ran off to the 100th episode anniversary premiere of The Walking Dead in LA.  Read our blu interview, and check more pics below. #mermaidsrule

1. We love blue water vibes tied into your new single "MERMAID"! Can you share your inspiration behind the song and video?

I wrote mermaid because I was in a relationship where I felt like I could never quite be myself.  I had been thinking a lot about what I liked when I was little, swimming and that movie the little mermaid, and the song developed from there.

2. Do you find the process of writing a song can help when you're feeling blue?

Yes! When I write a song I get to tell my side of the story or at least how I felt. Sometimes in real life you don't get the opportunity to share your side of an experience so writing for me is definitely a stress relief and a way to process sometime difficult situations. A blue situation can turn into a lovely song. 

3. What is it about acting and your music that satisfies you most and that makes you continue to work on both?

With acting I love having experiences I wouldn't have had in my everyday life.  I get to take on another kind of life and pretend to be someone else which is super cool!  Of course I use my own experiences as research and then I also use my imagination.

With songwriting it's fun to choose what it is you want to explore and sing about. I really use it as a place to reflect on my real life. I think our lives here on planet earth are special and I think telling stories about our lives, whether on TV or in a song, shines a light on everyday lives and what we experience. Sharing art really connects you to the people around you, even if you don't know them.

4. Your eyes are the biggest bluest ever! What's your favorite way to play them up?

 I love some black eyeliner, or a lil rock n roll winged eyeliner. 

5. What's your most treasured blue possession?

In high school, my team was the Blue Devils.  I ran cross-country and track and we had these bright blue track pants. I still have them. They are pretty comfy.


Interview, photography and makeup by Tina Turnbow

Hair by Marc Mena at Exclusive Artists Management

Slip and suit by La Perla


Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.