Jennifer Nettles - Sugarland

Between family, holidays and her Sugarland reunion, the multi-talented, beauty Jennifer Nettles stopped by for a few snaps. Check out our chat and see how stunning she looks in purple and blue. Our new favorite combo worn by one of our favorite ladies.  #purpleandbluepassion 

The Interview

1. Can you please update us on all that is SUGARLAND!?

We are excited to announce new music coming and have encouraged everyone to sign up on our website email list and follow our socials for latest updates and information!

2. You have an amazing sense of style. How would you describe it? And who are some of your style/beauty icons?

I love curating an ensemble. I am a treasure hunter for vintage and tend to mix vintage and current pieces together. The 70’s and 80’s are my favorite eras of fashion. There was so much glamour. I love pairing masculine lines with feminine accents. A suit with a cami or vintage t’shirt and heels. A high waisted crop trouser with a bootie. Sometimes I wear all mixed patterns at once. Other times I will go way streamlined and minimal. That is the fun of fashion.

Fashion to me is an intimate, artistic expression. It is the first statement you make about yourself when you walk into any room. You can transform yourself with fashion. It is powerful that way.

3. We love that you brought the blue pumps to the shoot! Our favorite color. What is yours?

Green green green!!!! All shades. And celadon. And midnight blue.

4. Who is your favorite blues singer and song with "blue" in the title?

It’s not the blues, but I would be remiss if I didn’t immediately say Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” album. One of the best ever written.

5. Would you share some of your greatest passions in life?

Ha ha ha ha. Too many to count. My son. Music. Acting. The Stage.  Jewelry from the 20’s and 30’s. Turquoise. Cooking. Baking. Reading. Poetry. Journaling. Language. Travel. Wine. World religions. Vintage clothing. Shoes. Activism. Feminism. Mexico. France. Spain. Friends. Good Conversation. Dancing. I could go on and on.


All clothes by La Perla

Hair by Denise Horton 

Makeup, Photos and Interview by Tina Turnbow




Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.