Lili Mirojnick is HAPPY!

Lili Mirojnick is HAPPY!

We got to hang with Lili Mirojnick on the premiere day of her new show Happy! on SYFY it t'was a blast. But any time spent with this NYC native and talented babe would be time well spent. She is the coolest! Check our chat and see more pics below. We are especially fond of her in the blue aviators :). #SeeHappy!

1.  What do you love most about "Happy!" and hope viewers will feel as well?


Ugh! I love so much about it! But I guess, more than anything else, I love that it’s like nothing else on television. We’ve been very fortunate to be on a network like Syfy. They’ve allowed us to stay true to the graphic novel and go so much deeper into it without having to censor ourselves. In this day and age with so much content and so many platforms, I like not having to appeal to everyone. And that’s what I hope viewers feel—I can’t remember who said something like: “I don’t care if they love it or hate it. At least I’ve made them feel something”. I subscribe to that idea. I believe as artists, we've fail if the audience is “meh”.  Even if they hate it—if they despise it—at the end of the day, that’s still a passionate emotional response to evoke.


2. Can you share some of the best parts of working on it?


Honestly, everything. For me, I just love to work. I’m a workaholic. So just being on set puts a major smile on my face. Also, working with such incredible people. From the cast (whom I am majorly in love with) to our crew and creatives. Everyone felt so passionately about the project and that trickles down and creates an awesome working environment. On a much smaller level—I loved being able to look a bit worse for wear through a good majority of the season. It’s not every day a network/producers will allow one of their female leads to be banged up they way they allowed me.


3. For our shoot you brought a Pink Floyd t-shirt. Is classic rock always on your playlist?


ALWAYS. I don’t listen to a huge amount of much else. As a kid, when I was obsessed with NKOTB, my dad kept trying to shove the "Sgt. Pepper" album down my throat. I wouldn’t listen. Then he took me to a Pink Floyd concert in the summer of ’94 and I was HOOKED. He gave me most of my classic rock education. So even if I find something “new” to listen to, you can always bet there’s at least a little Floyd, Zeppelin or Jimi on the playlist.


4. You have such a fun spirit. If you find yourself blue, what's you're go-to way of shaking it?


I try not to, actually. I think it’s healthy to feel a little blue sometimes. Sometimes it’s ok to want to just curl up in fetal position, let out a huge cry or feel a little “Eeyore” (as I like to say). There’s definitely a line between “feeling blue” and falling further down the hole, so if I feel myself in the “bad place”, I try to force something I love on myself, whether it’s a solo dance party, a long drive or surrounding myself with my friends who know how to pull me back.


5. Do you have a favorite shade of blue?


A few! I loooove a great midnight navy. Such a rich color. Always reminds me of a velvety night sky. I do also love a deep royal blue—like a jewel toned blue. OH! And “Happy!” blue. Duh. :)



Hair ~ Jillian Halouska at Starworks

Makeup ~ Linda Kaufman

Photos/Interview ~ Tina Turnbow

Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.