Annie Parisse

Current Woman Crush - Actress Annie Parisse

Annie recently wrapped working with actor Jeff Daniels on his new show, The Looming Tower, coming to Hulu. She then jumped into playing the role of Joe Paterno's daughter in an HBO movie directed by Barry Levinson. It's the story of Paterno's final days as coach at Penn State. Her co-star is the one and only Al Pacino.

This beauty is on fire and looking good in her favorite shade of blue. Check out what she has to say about our favorite topic. 


Q:  What's your favorite movie or song with "blue" in the title ?

A:  Blue Eyes crying in the rain- Willie Nelson (I'm a big fan of old-timey country and The Red-Headed Stranger is one of my favorite Willie albums).

Q:  Do you have a favorite blue possession?

A:  A blue piece of sea glass that my son found for me.

Q:  Can you share a tip on getting out of a blue mood?

A:  I like to walk... In NYC there's so much going on on the street. It helps to focus outside myself on what I'm seeing in front of me rather than allowing myself to sink inside.

Q:  Pick the phrase that you relate to most:
a. crystal blue persuasion. 
b. into the wild blue yonder.
c. only cowboys get the blues. 
d. blue plate special.

A:  b) Into the wild blue yonder-  I've always loved the idea of big adventures! And I'm usually on the look-out for the next one....

Q:  Who or what are some of your biggest inspirations?

A:  I'm inspired by great writing, by the actors I work with, by my kids, by random moments every day. Inspiration is everywhere and being a bit greedy, I try to keep my eyes open all the time for the tidbits that fill me up.

Q:  What is your favorite shade of blue?

A:  Midnight blue- like the color of the top I'm wearing in that picture.  Is that called midnight blue?  Or cosmic blue or something?

Photography, makeup and interview by Tina Turnbow

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Annie on Twitter @AnnieParisse 

Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.