Tatiana Maslany is a Natural

Day after the night before beauty

I had a half hour to shoot Emmy-winning actress Tatiana Maslany. A quick impromptu session. I was psyched. I've always been a fan of the talented Orphan Black actress. Next up, Tatiana will be starring alongside Jake Gyllenhaal  in the Boston bombing movie Stronger.

When I arrived, her hair that was perfectly disheveled. Remnants of the night before makeup lingered in an effortless, organic way. My favorite. I tapped on a touch of lip and cheek stain by Wander Beauty and a smudge of chocolate eye pencil and black mascara by Lancome. The slightest amount to enhance what was already there. 

Sometimes you have to know when to step away and let the honest and natural beauty shine through. Some of which comes from within. Tatiana has all of that and more. Then there was the blue factor. She was wearing classic button fly Levis blue jeans. #lovethisgirl

Photography & makeup by Tina Turnbow

Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.