Blue Eyed Beauty Katheryn Winnick

Katheryn Winnick took a little time away from a busy press schedule for her role in The Dark Tower to chat with us about our favorite topic.  The Vikings (History Channel) actress has a  blue dialed watch to match her beautiful eyes.  We're slightly jealous!


Q:  What's your favorite movie or song with "blue" in the title ?

A:  PALE BLUE EYES by Lou Reed

Q:  Do you have a favorite blue possession?

A:  My blue dialed Raymond Weil watch.  They took the color of my eyes and custom made a women line of Raymond Weil’s watches.

Q:  Can you share a tip on getting out of a blue mood?

A:  If your home alone or with loved ones.. crank up your favorite music and dance your heart away.  The sillier the better!

Q:  Pick the phrase that you relate to most: 

a. crystal blue persuasion.
b. into the wild blue yonder.
c. only cowboys get the blues.
d. blue plate special.
e. between the devil and the deep blue sea.

A:   between the devil and the deep blue sea

Q:  What shade of blue do you like best?

A:  The color of the Mediterranean sea.

Photography & makeup by Tina Turnbow

Hair by Marc Mena

Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.