Kim Dickens Likes Her Berries Blue

Kim Dickens took a moment while in NYC to chat with us about our favorite topic. When she is not filming her series Fear the Walking Dead, which returns 9/10, you might find her lounging on her pale blue velvet couch listening to Bette Midler, and eating blueberries. #FearTWDbluebabe

1. Thanks for feeding our blue obsession by having a handy bowl of blueberries around! Would you consider that your favorite blue food?

Yes, blueberries and blue cotton candy.


2. Do you like to surround yourself with different shades of it in your home and why?

I do… I have a pale blue velvet couch, and a dark blue bedroom… I find the color blue very calming.


3. What is your most loved film or song with "blue" in the title?

[The song] Am I Blue… Bette Midler’s version.


4. Do you have a go-to way of getting out of a blue mood?



5. Aside from filming the next season of FearTWD any hobbies, charities, or acting projects you are into or have coming? 

Excited about the indie film I did with Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart, “Lizzie.” It’s an awesome dark thriller on the Lizzie Borden murders. 

6. What do you enjoy most about working on FearTWD?

I love doing all the action sequences and I adore my cast mates.

pics, interview and makeup: tina turnbow

hair: marco santini


Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.