She Wore Blue ~ Today's Beauty Keri Russell

She Wore Blue ~ Today's Beauty Keri Russell

Started the day off right working with the ever so beautiful and talented Keri Russell. It was a quickie makeup for a secret project. When I arrived she was wearing a cool blue New Orleans tshirt. #bluebabe 

I started to get her glow on using Colbert MD Illumino Oil and a shimmery blush stick on the apple of the cheek in Peony Pink by Julep. I filled in her naturally full brows a bit, using Benefit Fullproof Brow Powder, brushed and feathered them up with Pacifica Stunning Brows. To define her gorgeous green eyes, I used Lasting Drama waterproof gel pencil by Maybelline. Its awesome because it glides on and once you smudge it into place, it stays. I brought the line into the inner corners with a slight flick at the outside. Then a few coats top and bottom lashes, of Covergirl Remarkable mascara which doesn't smudge, but comes off easily. To add lots of glow on the tops of Keri's cheekbones, I dusted my fav powder highlighter PinK Glow by Bobbi Brown.

Off she went with her love and partner in spy crime Matthew Rhys. Can't wait to see them for Emmy's and celebrate their well deserved nominations! #lovethesetwo

Hair by Brian Magallones

Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.