Jennifer Ferrin - MOSAIC

We had the chance to chat with Jennifer Ferrin while on press duty for the premiere of her show Mosaic, premiering January 22nd on HBO. She has great tips on shaking off a blue mood, love of the deep blue sea and excellent taste in music!  #JFerrintotalfox

1. How was it being a part of a groundbreaking interactive show Mosaic and working alongside its incredible group of talent?

The entire time you are working on something like Mosaic, there's an underbelly of excitement and wonder…like you’re not entirely sure what it is, but you almost don’t even care... you’re working your ass off with a character that is so well written and there’s this incredible color-coded story map that lives in the edit suite and takes up 3 walls, and you don’t totally know what all the other characters are doing or who they are because you’ve got several hundred pages of your own character’s scenes to focus on... but you know you’re in the sandbox with some phenomenally talented artists… and you trust them…and that’s all you ever really dream of as an actor.


2. You're also in the upcoming season of Sneaky Pete. Do you feel lucky to be busy doing what you love?

I am! And I am! My father always says that luck is when opportunity meets talent and preparation. So I’d say I do feel pretty 'lucky' to have spent the last 15 years working steadily at a career that can bring me so much satisfaction.

And even though I’ve been at this for well over a decade…I can truly say I feel like I”m just starting to hit my stride... and the really compelling and surprising roles are starting to find their way into my life…which keeps it all very exciting.

3. If you find yourself in a blue mood, what's your go-to remedy? 

Meditation, excercise, my pup, and throwing myself into action with my work or a personal project… or hiding under the blankets until the sun comes out again- sometimes all I need is some extra sleep!


4. Which "blue" phrase do you relate to most:

1. beyond the deep blue sea

2. blue plate special 

3. into the wild blue yonder

4. only cowboys get the blues

5. deep blue dream

Beyond the deep blue sea for sure…it fills my soul to be near the sea…and even if I can’t be near the sea,  just seeing pictures around the world of the most beautiful blue waters, in all their greenish-blueish shades, makes my eyes so very happy and gives me so much peace

5. What's your favorite film, book and/or song with blue in its title?

Famous Blue Raincoat by Leonard Cohen…I heard the Tori Amos version first and fell in love…but then of course listened to Leonard and he just slayed me. His poetry and storytelling is unparalleled. 

Interview, makeup and photography by Tina Turnbow

Hair by Cecilia Romero

Stylist Andrew Gelwicks

Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.