OITNB fox Emma Myles

We spent a fun afternoon at the legendary NYC Burlesque bar Nurse Bettie, with the super talented Orange is the new Black star, Emma Myles. There was pole dancin, cat-eye makin, diet coke drinkin, cher tshirt wearin, sapphire engagement ring gazin, Stevie Nicks playin. Scroll down, check our chat and more foxy shots -- can't get enough of this blue babe. #EMMA4EVA


1. Is there anything you’d like to share about the next season and your character’s evolution in the upcoming season OITNB?

Well I don’t really know how much I can say as we all know Orange Seasons are always shrouded in secrecy to protect the fans from spoilers.

2. How has the Orange experience been for you in growing your career, making new connections and friends?

Honestly it completely changed my life. How could it not, you know? No one knew that the show would be as popular and have as much staying power as it does. I had had jobs before Orange. I got my SAG card in 2005 and we started shooting the 1st season in 2012. But this was my first, like, JOB. It’s where I learned how to be on set in a consistent way which, I’m telling you, there’s a learning curve for those things. So I feel like career wise it taught me how to be a working actor. And friend wise these people will be in my life forever. It’s so amazing how we really did just become a family almost instantly. I love every single person on that show and I talk to many of them daily. I just got engaged and the amount of people who called, and reached out, and sent flowers, and offered to sing at the wedding, or plan the engagement party (Lea:)) it was very very moving. They’re friendship is invaluable to me.

3. If you could choose would you want to stay on TV show, be in a film, or hop on a stage?

I love all of it I really do. My heart will always belong to the theater because it was my first medium. But I LOVE TV. I love shooting it, I love watching it, I love the way it tells a long game of stories, I love watching characters develop over seasons, I love the behind the scenes, I’m absolutely fascinated by TV. And I love the consistency of it....as an actor, at least for me, if you can score a consistent job it kind of curbs that extreme anxiety you feel when you have no idea what you’re working on next and when that’ll happen.

4. We are blue curious here. What’s your favorite song or film with BLUE in the title? Does Stevie Nicks have one? we know you love her!

Oh my God “Blue Lamp” by Stevie Nicks is one of my favorite songs! Way to call it! It’s a B-Side from her first album Bella Donna and I just love it and her and I basically listen to her all day everyday. It feels like she’s a voice that lives in my head. Another person who does that to me is Tori Amos. My best friend and I have this theory that she’s the only person who truly understands us haha. She did this great dance track with BT in like 1995 (? I think) called Blues Skies that was on the Party of Five soundtrack and I was obsessed with it when I was a kid. Total repeat JAM.

5. When you’re feeling blue who or what picks you right up?

I have very codependent relationship with my cat V which I’m sure sounds totally gross and weird but I’m also pretty positive she’s my soul mate. So being with her always makes me happy and lifts my mood. I also really love baking. I’ve gotten really really into making pies and quiches lately. Basically anything with crust and filling I’m really feeling right now. I just put my record player on and bake for hours. Also a glass of prosecco always gives me a healthy pick me up haha.

6. What’s your most treasured blue possession?

My very blue and shiny engagement ring that I just got on New Years Day! It was my boyfriend’s....sorry fiancés (so weird, it’ll take me a minute to get used to it) great grandmother’s engagement ring to his great grandfather. It’s like a 100 years old. I call it my Princess Anastasia ring and I have no idea why.


Interview, makeup, and photography by Tina Turnbow


Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.