Ginger-Leigh Ryan

Gorgeous goth vibes, fresh out of Aveda hair school (hair models come on down!) daughter of legendary hairstylist Kevin Ryan, model, actress, who in 2018 will let creative sparks fly and negative energy bounce. Ginger-Leigh Ryan. Be on the lookout for this #beautifulartisticforceofnature and scroll down for more.....



q.  You say you’re a visual artist. Can you go into more detail on that description of yourself?

I always feel weird about describing myself as an “artist” as I feel like its something others have to call you not a title you can self proclaim.  I work in a really wide range of mediums , if I were to sum it up I would probably say i’m someone who uses creative mediums explore and understand the world around me. There is something very beautiful about creating for me in the sense that it allows me literally alter my world by creating what I want to see in it visually.

q. You have dabbled in acting. Is that still of interest to you?

Yes! I went to a performing arts high-school called laguardia as a drama major  and would do 2 ½ hrs of acting a day. I feel like acting has influenced the way I create art and the way I do hair and navigate the world. It will always be something I love and have fun doing.

q. Who or what inspires you most in your work?

The idea of memory and how we perceive things, the idea that you never remember something the same way and that every individual sees the world in an entirely different way. I like to portray that in my art and play with the idea of narrative and my own memory.

q. What kinds of mediums or materials do you like to work with for your art?

I think hair is a great medium and I like to try to create hair that tells a story. I also really enjoy painting, oil paint in particular and working with pen and ink as well!

q. Have you attended any beauty or hair school to explore your hairstyling aspirations?

I have! I graduated from the Aveda Hair school Vancouver in July . I am always looking for hair models and make house calls for hair.

q. Who has been your biggest influence on that creative part of you?

My Dad, I have always been inspired by his hard work and creativity.

q. Would you say you get pretty creative with your own hair? Are you digging your latest Goth vibes?

Yes, I often change my hair as a creative outlet, I also change it when I’m feeling anxious as a way to calm it down, haha. I am digging out my goth, I’m trying to channel Winona Ryder circa Beetlejuice, and give my hair a break from all that colouring .8. Can you share a few thoughts going into a fresh new year?

Focus less on “ New Year’s Resolutions” and try to focus more on letting go of negativity.


Shot at JINsoon Tribeca

Makeup, photos and interview by Tina Turnbow

Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.