Domino Kirke

We caught musician Domino Kirke at The Mercury Lounge NYC recently. To start off the evening we were able to grab a snap of this incredible beauty in front of a BLUE velvet curtain no less! Then this songbird swept us all away to a very happy place. The bar was probably disappointed because listening to her sing was intoxicating enough. She was also excited to announce her latest video BEYOND WAVES the title track from her debut album. Read on and get to know this talented beauty better.  p.s. she's a Doula & co-founder of Carriage House Birth. #DominoCrushin

I bonded over music with my dad from a very young age. That’s how we hung out, just listened to music

Q & A

Q. Your voice is enchanting and mesmerizing. At what age did you realize you possessed this gift, and decide you to pursue making music?

Thank you! I decided at the age of 6. I started to learn piano at 7 and sang in choirs. 

Q. Your father and your husband, Penn Badgley are both musicians. How much has that influenced you? Will you and Penn collaborate on some music soon?

A. I bonded over music with my dad from a very young age. That’s how we hung out, just listened to music, and talk about it. Penn and I like a lot of the same music. We hope to record together soon.

Q. You just released your latest video for your album Beyond Waves. How was the experience making it and getting its message out there now?

A. I heard a story once about how in Argentina when a child is lost in a public place, strangers will clap to draw attention to the lost child to help the parent find them. I always LOVED this idea. I wanted to be in nature and I wanted lots of kids to be in it. It’s was very crazy wrangling all this children, but it was gorgeous day, and I’m super happy with how it turned out.

Q. We are obsessed with all things blue...can you share your favorite song with “blue” in the title?

A. Blue River

Q. Would you say R&B and Blues are influential in your music?

A. Very much. I grew up on that stuff.

Q. What song do you switch on when your feeling blue?

A. Time (The Revelator) by Gillian Welch



Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.