Heathers star James Scully

Heathers star James Scully

It was a true bluast spending time with the seriously splendid and talented James Scully. He is starring as J.D. in the television reboot of Heathers. It will premiere March 7th on the Paramount network. We highly recommend you tune in. Also not to be missed is our chat below, and more snaps of this rad man.  #JamesCrushin

q & a

q. You play J.D. in the new tv show based on the 80’s cult classic film HEATHERS. Can you share some of the differences of your character in this adaptation?

a. In many ways it’s the same old JD (violent, arrogant, clever) but, because it’s 2018 and because we have 10 hours, instead of 2, I think you get to see a lot more of him. You also get to see him stumble and fall a lot more. You get to watch as some of these carefully laid plans he thought he had totally under control go completely off the rails. You get to see JD be scared and embarrassed and lonely and sad and while we’re certainly not trying to make anyone feel sorry for the murderous psychopath, I think it makes the moments when he goes completely insane easier to contextualize. 


q. Did you have any similar experiences in your high school days?

a. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective) not. There were no deaths in my high school experience, although that seems to be the exception to the rule these days. 

q. Seems you have an awesome relationship with your co-star Grace Victoria Cox, who plays Veronica Sawyer. Do you hang out outside of work?

a. Oh yes. Grace is truly the complete package of talent and charm, and were she not currently in LA I probably would have dragged her along for the shoot. 

q. Can you give us some background of your acting work leading up to this experience?

a. I actually majored in Musical Theater, moved to NYC with dreams of being on the stage. I was in an off broadway play about the columbine shooters (because for some reason playing violent high schoolers is a through line for me) and then there was a little bit of a dry period (2 years). One day, pretty much out of the blue, I got my first audition for Heathers and now here we are! 

q. Please give us some blue scoop! Is it a color you wear often? What’s your favorite shade? Favorite blue possession?

a. Blue actually is (the warmest) and my favorite color. There was a period late in college where just about every article of clothing I owned was either blue or black. My favorite blue possession would have to be my oversized denim jacket, and if I had to pick a favorite shade it would be the color the ocean turns during a storm. Sort of a deep, rich navy meets steely grey situation. 

q.  How would you describe your style? Did you enjoy wearing the clothing by Mr. Turk for our shoot?

a. Until recently I would have described my style as non existent. Wasn’t one for making bold choices about clothing, because it didn’t usually go very well! However, now I’m in a place where people expect me to have strong feelings about the way I look/dress so I’m sort of just going on a journey of trying everything. Forcing myself to expand my style horizons by just putting things on and trusting that it’ll work. The Mr. Turk clothes are perfect for that pursuit, as they sort of exist at a wonderful intersection of the traditional and the new. The familiar, and the outlandish. They’re the kind of clothes that you have to wear with confidence, otherwise they just won’t work. 

q. Who are some of your biggest acting inspirations? And who would you love to work with?

a. I get asked this question a lot and the answer is always different. Right now I would say Michael B. Jordan. I just saw Black Panther and if his performance doesn’t earn an Oscar Nom then I’m not really sure what we’re supposed to celebrate as good acting. 

Regarding work: I want to work with everyone. We got SO lucky on Heathers that actual Icons Selma Blair and Shannen Doherty came to be in the show with us, and I personally got to work in scenes with both of them. I guess I’m just hoping that luck continues. 

If I had to make a short list:

Jordan Peele

Meryl Streep

Sir Ian Mckellen

Ben Whishaw

Danai Gurira 

Gina Rodriguez 

all clothes by Mr. Turk

photos, interview and grooming: Tina Turnbow

Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.