Nadia Alexander

If you binged on the latest Netflix dark drama Seven Seconds, you know this talented actress Nadia Alexander is one to watch. Before this she rocked it, starring alongside Jessica Biel in The Sinner. For our shoot the awesome hairdresser Caile Noble styled her locks into a 70's vixen meets Bernadette Peters. Nadia was a dream to photograph. Check out the pics and q/a -- get to know this star on the rise a bit better.  #NothingbutNadia

Q & A

q. You started your career on stage. Is that something you will always want to get back to? 

 a. Theater was definitely my first love, and the place that I found a home in growing up. I think recently I've focused more on film and TV because I'm attracted to the variety in material for someone in my age range. That said, I really love the special kind of bond that forms in a theater cast and I think theater itself is very special and poignantly ephemeral. It's definitely something I'd like to get back to--maybe a little later in my career. I just want to keep sinking my teeth into complex women across all mediums for as long as they'll let me!


q. After playing a heroin addicted teen in “Seven Seconds” then a zombie in the upcoming “The Dark,” are you craving a role in something a bit lighter? A comedy perhaps?

a. Haha, you would think! But honestly, I adore darker roles. I'm a pretty light person in real life, so there's something very fun about playing these wildly wicked, dangerous characters. I really love getting to explore seedier worlds and finessing sometimes unlikable characters into complex portraits of young women. That said, it's been a long time since I've done a comedy, so it wouldn't be bad to go back and work that muscle again!


q. Are there any films/songs with “blue” in the title that you could watch/listen to on repeat?

a. Hugh Laurie does a fantastic cover of "Police Dog Blues" on his first album, Let Them Talk, that is near and dear to my heart. I'm a huge fan of him as an actor and I think his talent as a storyteller really translates to his music. His rendition of the song makes you feel like you're living right inside it, and there's this fun tongue-in-cheek edge to it that I just adore. The last stanza is my favorite: "I think I'll travel/I think I'll let her be/Before she sics that police dog on me/Before she sics that doggone dog on me"


q. Is there a color you love to surround yourself with or wear that makes you happy?

a. I know I should say blue, but I gotta go with black. Not so much to surround myself with, but definitely to wear. There's just something effortlessly cool about black that makes me feel very confident and powerful. I put on a great leather jacket or a pair of black jeans or a cool black dress and I just feel ready to take over the world and topple a dystopian corrupt government while I'm at it. 


q. Can you share all that you’re passionate about doing and striking a satisfying balance with it all?

a. Right now, one of my biggest passions that I'm exploring is writing. It has always been a love of mine, but only recently have I started actively working on it, rather than just when I'm feeling bored (which has resulted in many unfinished scripts and novels haha!). Thankfully, as acting is never quite a full time job, it's easy to balance in writing during the downtime. It also really helps fight my blues or feelings of inadequacy when I'm not employed as an actor--it keeps me busy and it keeps me happy! 

Interview, photography, and makeup by Tina Turnbow

Hair by Caile Noble

Styled by Cat Pope

Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.