Art by Leelee Kimmel

We recently had the pleasure of checking out a powerful exhibit of paintings and sculpture by Leelee Kimmel at the Journal Gallery in Brooklyn. It closes February 18th so get over there! When we inquired about yep, a very blue painting, we were informed it was sold. As a matter of fact, on that day all but one had been sold. The night before one of her pieces was auctioned off for a great sum of money with proceeds going to amFAR. Not bad for someone who not long ago gave up acting to dive fully into her true passion -- making art. Her creations are magnificent, colorful paintings that have incredible life and movement. Within the detailed layers and shapes you find paintings within the painting. Put on some goggles and be transported deeper into her art by a virtual reality creation she came up with. Its wonderfully trippy and hypnotic. Read on and check our blue chat and more pics of this inspiring beauty. 

Q & A

q. How does it feel contributing to a great cause like amFAR with a piece of your art?

a. It was kind of scary because it was a live auction and I had never been to a live art auction, I’ve only watched them on my computer but it went well and we were able to help out! That part felt really good. The other two artists who were selected to donate were Cindy Sherman and Katherine Bernhardt.

q. Do you enjoy working with blues? Which is your favorite shade?

a. Favorite shade of blue? All blue. All blue. All blue: Cerulean, Prussian, Ultramarine, cobalt, old holland blue grey, fluorescent, indigo, alizarin, phthalo, turquoise.... all blue xxx.

q. Would you say creating lifts you out of a blue mood? 

a. More like keeps me from falling into it.

q. What’s your go-to music while in your studio?

a. I like podcasts. I can’t paint to music. It takes over.

 photography by Tina Turnbow


Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.