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Rob Heaps of Imposters

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Rob Heaps of Imposters

It was good times shooting on NY streets and rooftops with handsome actor Rob Heaps. We can't wait to see more of him starting April 5th in Bravo's Imposters. Read our chat and find out more about this spirited and fun gentleman...besides his favorite color. Guess? Also check his swift night moves in the snaps below. Rob's the real deal. #rockinrob


Q. Would you say there are some similarities between you and your character Ezra in Imposters?

A.  Well apart from the whole Jewish American thing…probably more than I’d like to admit!  I can definitely identify with falling hard and fast for people and ending up with a broken heart.  I think sometimes in life it’s good to leap into things.  You definitely learn quicker. 

Q. How did the experience filming the second season compare to the first

A. I remember we arrived on set for camera tests at the start of season 2 and Kevin our cameraman looked at us, chuckled and said ‘There it is…the Season 2 glow!’  I’m quite paranoid and thought he was implying I’d gone to a tanning salon, but he explained it’s an energy you always get on a second season - because the show has been picked up, you’ve been validated and you’re more relaxed and confident.  On a first season there’s more uncertainty and insecurity, no-one quite knows what the show is yet (or even what it’s going to be called in our case…).  At the same time a second season brings its own kind of pressure and I did sometimes miss the exhilaration of working on something completely new and chaotic.  But not that much.  



Q. One of the first things you said when we met for our shoot was that blue was your favorite color. Truth, or were you just being your truly charming self?

A.  Ha!  Yes if you look at other interviews I always say a different colour…no blue really is my favourite.  I feel a bit boring saying that, it’s most people’s isn’t it?  But I’m sure that’s for a reason.  It has depth and mystery, you feel like you could dive into it…it’s ocean and sky and memory.  I’m at my happiest by (and in) the sea, so maybe it’s that.  Also it has so many shades.  I lived in Russia for a while (I did my acting training there), and they actually have two words for blue - ‘goluboy’ for light blue and ‘siniy’ which is darker.  Which has always made me wonder if there’s a precise shade of blue between the two that would send a Russian into linguistic and cognitive meltdown.


Q. Thanks for running around the NYC streets with us. Do you think you polished up your modeling skills a bit?

A. Yes.  And my traffic-dodging skills.  I learned that taxi drivers don’t have a huge amount of time for actors prancing around in the middle of the road.  And to be honest nor should they.


Q. Can you share your favorite song, book and/or film with "blue" in the title?

A. Well I have a soft spot for the song ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ by Deep Blue Something, I think because it was on the first ‘Now’ album I ever owned (on cassette) - Now 35?  That song is a time-machine back to the mid-90s.  And I’ve always loved ‘The Big Blue’ - a Luc Besson movie with Jean Reno about the rivalry between two free divers.  It’s hypnotic and strange and beautiful.


Q. Would you say "into the wild blue yonder" describes your kind of gypsy nature?

A.  Oh wow yes, I’ll take that.  I love solo travelling.  I studied languages at uni and before I discovered acting I wanted to be a travel writer…I used to love flying off somewhere on my own with no plan, just a backpack and a book.  One of my heroes is Patrick Leigh Fermor, one of the first modern travel writers and a polyglot.  In 1933 at the age of 18 he walked across Europe, meeting hundreds of people and sleeping in ditches and castles and everything in between and writing it all down - you can read his books, they’re wonderful.  He’s always my inspiration when I’m planning an adventure.  It’s been too long since I did that.  I think you need a little bit of madness, you have to keep taking risks, you have to keep your gypsy alive!  Otherwise they get buried in everyday nonsense and anxiety.  

Clothing:  By Robert James   Hat: Rob's  Pics and grooming: Tina Turnbow

Clothing: By Robert James

Hat: Rob's

Pics and grooming: Tina Turnbow

Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.