Taylor John Smith - Sharp Objects

We had a chance to shoot and chat with the very handsome, talented Taylor John Smith. You can catch him currently playing John Keene with Amy Adams and Elizabeth Perkins in HBO's Sharp Objects.

Next up, he will be filming The Outpost with Scott Eastwood and Orlando Bloom.

He is on the move so keep an eye on this guy! #SmittenwithTaylorJohnSmith

Q & A

4everblu: Do you have a favorite blue possession?

Taylor: I like my eyes.. I think I’m in possession of those.

4everblu: What song or film with blue in the title is tops on your list?

Taylor: Blue is the Warmest Color directed by Abdellatif Kechiche.

4everblu: Can you share some of the stand out memories of filming Sharp Objects?

Taylor: I had to learn how to drive stick the day of a big scene in an old Jeep, and JMV had such a specific vision of the scene in his mind. He wants me to drive up to my house, keep the car from stalling or rolling backwards, reach across the passenger seat and get the mail out while I’m still in the Jeep. And my legs aren’t that long so the car keeps stalling or rolling back and I keep missing the mark for the Jeep to roll perfectly into frame.

And on top of it all, my character’s life is falling apart and he can no longer hold it together, and JMV keeps yelling out, “I want to see the emotion in your eyes. I want to feel your desperation and see your tears!” So I have about 100 different things I’m trying to think about doing right in this shot, but I also have to forget it all and be truthful in the moment.

Needless to say the desperation and emotion he needed was naturally there. We were losing the light and had time for two more shots left before it got dark, and the last two shots were perfect.

Thank God for manual transmissions and good direction!

4everblu: What comes to mind when you think of your co-stars?

Taylor: Amy Adams - she was always singing her favorite karaoke songs in between takes. And she has the most beautiful voice! Elizabeth Perkins - if anyone ever wanted to vent, Perks was the one you went to. Not only is she so incredibly present in her work but she’s present when you really need someone with a lot of wisdom to talk to. Patricia Clarkson - she’s very strong in her heart and mind and it comes through in her work.

4everblu: When you're feeling blue what can you count on to snap you out of it?

Taylor: When my phone rings and I see my girl's name pop up on my phone, it lets me know she was thinking about me and that she cares.

Clothing by Robert James


Makeup and photography - Tina Turnbow.